Think of it this way: Whenever you buy Zero fucks given Jack Skellington shirt a stock at a given price, someone else is selling it at the same price. Thus if it really was the right moment to buy it, then it follows that it really was the WRONG moment to sell it. The two cancel out precisely, and overall no additional profit (for anyone, except those who take fees on the transaction) is made.

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This is why fund-managers are parasites.  Zero fucks given Jack Skellington shirt They produce nothing of value and siphon off a fraction of investors wealth for their worthless services. On average actively managed funds perform somewhat worse than the index, and that is as it must be mathematically; yet investment-houses lie and manage to get many people to invest in these scams. (I realize I use strong language here, deal with it!) But investing is not zero-sum. When someone who started a company chooses to sell stock in the first place; it’s generally because they need the money for something, often for investing in growing the company. By making this money available the company gets funding that it needs to grow; and in exchange for this, the investor gets a fraction of the profits from the company.

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