I think you will find the offered an election the Toothless Christmas spirit shirt parties don’t want it now because they are expecting a loss so who’s fault is it that he is not elected. So in all intense and purposes, the opposition has given him the mandate. Simon Scarrow oh for goodness sake. The result was left, whatever way you calculate it. You can add as many numbers of people who could’ve voted as you want but it was left. If they didn’t vote it didn’t count! Never mind the outcome of this hearing could always be challenged in the courts and we can continue to do that ad Infinitum now for everything.

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Simon Scarrow let parliament do its job these are people who fiddle their Toothless Christmas spirit shirt, lie in court under oath, a previous prime minister having an affair with another member of parliament, MPs who change parties at the drop of a hat. You have to be joking. I love human resilience and the drive to survive. It’s so amazing. I’m so happy he’s home and relatively healthy. Bravo! Cities have a bad reputation when it comes to climate change – but is that unfair?

Cities are obviously more energy, resource, and land efficient. If we want to minimize our impact on the environment, then mixed-use high rise buildings are going to be a big part of that. If nothing else, living close together and close to work saves on a lot of transport costs. I think cities are more damaging to the environment when being built, but once built, the “greening” and low impact by residents actually make a positive impact on our environment.


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