Hazel Craigie Fiona Burke Democratically!!! With lies, little information, false promises! You must be joking! Democracy is what is happening now, we have more information, we have the debate and now we should be able to have a democratic vote. This is huge and will affect the poorest, the disabled, the homeless and those on benefits most. Only the very rich will be ok and that is at the heart of it. Jack Murdoch The referendum gave MPs an order and a duty: get us out of the European Union. Not out of bits of it. Not to stay in. Not to have another vote. Here is what the late Paddy Ashdown, had to say before polling day: ‘I will forgive no one who does not respect the sovereign voice of the British people once it has spoken. Whether it is a majority of 1 percent or 20 percent, when the British people have spoken, you do what they command.

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Either you believe in democracy or you don’t. And this from Anna Soubry: ‘We are trusting the British people. We will go to the people, and let the people decide whether or not to stay within the EU’. Wilf Loynd Am I alone in thinking that during the second world war Ireland’s government refused to raise a finger in support of us, although many individuals did enlist on our behalf only to be pilloried and victimized afterward. Why now are we even considering Varadka’s views, the man’s just a toy of the? EU. Wilf Loynd Michelle Sheehy yeah I remember it well, what fun was had, and all those potatoes too. Nothing like a good thatch cottage burning to warm the hands. Now fast forward to 2019, I wasn’t about in those times thus feel no guilt or remorse, I don’t believe in apologizing for something that was long before my time and obviously guilt-free , I can only hope that we pull the plug and fast.

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    Ordered a T-shirt for my boyfriend online. It arrived 2 days later just as advertised. Great quality, excellent value for money.

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