The question, rather, is whether such a planet could have gotten started without a solid planetoid to begin collecting all that gas in the This is not a drill shirt In addition,I will do this first place. Looking at the properties of Jupiter’s gravitational field has led to some interesting findings. In physics class the gravitational force exerted by an object it said to entirely emanate from a point at the center of the object, but that’s just an approximation. In reality, the distribution of mass within a body like Jupiter leads to a certain “shape” of field, and that shape can be roughly viewed by science. It should not necessarily be taken for granted that all gas giants have solid cores, however.

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A sufficiently large and hot gas giant, one just slightly too small to evolve into a star, could dissolve and disburse such heavy elements, keeping them in circulation rather than allowing them to settle at the This is not a drill shirt In addition,I will do this center. It has also been theorized that a big enough planetary collision could knock the core a gas giant clear out of it — and the remaining ball of gas would either reform or disburse as determined by its makeup. Well, it was a few years ago but since I’m 71 that could be construed as ‘recently’. My son cut a small, fresh fig in half and handed me a half. I didn’t even know what it was. I have to say, it did not look appetizing to me. It was called a Mission Fig, Dark on the outside and very brightly colored on the inside. I put my trust in his belief that it was delicious and WOW! I absolutely loved it! So I immediately planted one in my yard. That was two years ago.

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