The terminal velocity of an ant is very small. So no matter how high the The American dream son of a plumber shirt and I love this ant falls from, he isn’t going very fast. A moving object carries energy – kinetic energy is a function of mass and speed squared. The ant has very little of both, therefore a falling ant doesn’t have very much kinetic energy. Where does this energy go when an object lands? It must be converted to other forms of energy – sound, heat, deformation of the object. For their size, ant bodies are very strong, capable of dealing with tremendous amounts of this impact energy. Imagine throwing a rock at a brick wall. You probably can’t throw a rock hard enough to damage it significantly. Set aside the theory.

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Let me land on the The American dream son of a plumber shirt and I love this practical ground. It is my teenage daughter who shares the same soul of mine. When she wakes up from slumber, her hair brooks along her forehead and cascades on her face. Eyes still closed partially, she extends her hands to embrace me. Isn’t it a truth? Isn’t a beauty to behold? And, of course, there’s the evidence. It’s currently impossible to look all the way through a gas giant’s atmosphere to directly view the core beneath — we can barely see the surface of Venus, which is little more than Earth’s more volatile twin. Still, there are ways of inferring what’s inside a mass like Jupiter or Saturn, and scientists have done quite a bit of that. There’s no reason that the planets need a solid core to stay together — at their current mass, the gas giants in our solar system would have no trouble maintaining their own gravity without any heavier elements at the center.

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