Not quite the same is it when reasonably off celebs for money go and Taylor Swift lover signature shirt the viewing population polluting the planet for greed and eat stuff they wouldn’t normally and they don’t need to eat for entertainment…. maybe if they are that sad and ignorant they should try a proper job or try living on the streets in poverty of which incidentally there are thousands in the UK alone and you don’t see them eating bugs generally. Better still for entertainment – enlightenment it would be better to see the hundreds of thousands of pounds spent helping the poor homeless and hungry – seeing people like that being helped is far more endearing, kind, humanitarian and proactive. Michelle Mchenry No.

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Taylor Swift lover signature shirt. The world needs many more people like you. Your opinion is very valid and when the planet and human life and all animals are extinct we know who to thank for it. It will be all those celebs spending such valuable time in communities around the world eating insects. As long as they also stop tormenting live snakes and rodents by inflicting the loud, terrifying shrieking of vacuous nobodies on them as well. Boil or roast them alive before eating. them alive a very small gesture to me, Nothing should be eaten alive should a basic science. What about the tribes that live in the jungles and live of& the land and hunt for insects and animals to eat . Better stop them as well.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Good quality t-shirt and logo looks fabulous. Very pleased

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