I need Tauchman Air shirt. He aged years in weeks? “The lawyers told CNN the mother was concerned about her son’s age, maturity level and lack of experience but was told by a public safety officer that her 21-year-old son was legally allowed to possess the weapon.” If he’s 24 that wasn’t weeks ago. No record of it, no names mentioned, no proof, no mention of bipolar or other issues. Full information matters.

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So the police in Texas are partially to blame for this Tauchman Air shirt, not shocked my bet is a substantial chunk of them are just as racist as the shooter. Even in this case, I wonder how serious the police would have reacted if there had been red flag laws here. The mom tried to tell them and they would not listen in the first place. In 2016 the FBI reported that more than 1600 deaths were related to knives and cutting objects while only 375 deaths were related to rifles being used. Do we need background checks on knives too? 4 people died by a knife killer overnight in California.

So because he was 21 and owned an ak47 that was a red flag? She had no concerns he was a threat but just young and had a rifle! So there, in this case, the red flag law would have done nothing. Nothing will change with the current political ppl. Their reactions are just copy/paste from the last mass shooting. We have to be the change if we really want it.


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