However, I believe a significant number Tatotoos dog Pitbull Ilovemom shirt of people that own Pit Bulls, do so because they don’t realize how dangerous they can be.  While even these people acknowledge that the dogs are powerful and could do tremendous damage if they bite, this group has been misled into believing that Pit Bulls are unfairly characterized as dangerous, and that they are wonderful, loving family pets that are great with children.  This, of course, is categorically false, as Pit Bulls are indisputably responsible for more than 60% of dog-bite related fatalities, and approximately the same percentage of serious maulings (serious maulings include injuries to the victims that requires immediate emergency medical treatment, and entails surgery and permanent disfigurement – obviously not all dog bites meet this criteria).

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Because of the near-constant Tatotoos dog Pitbull Ilovemom shirt (almost daily) media reports of horrific pit bull maulings, which includes a DEATH about once every 2 weeks, several “Pit Bull Advocacy” groups have embarked on a national campaign to re-brand these dogs.  These groups, which include powerful organizations such as the Humane Society and the ASPCA, have invented a false history of these dogs, and have gone to great lengths to mis-educate the public.  They spread myths such as “It’s all how you raise them” or “Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog,” and “Pit Bulls have a better temperament than most other dogs.”  They suggest that every single time there is a serious attack, that it must have been bad owners, mistreated dog, victim fault, or some other external factor – but its never the dog’s fault.

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