A friend of mine gave me her dachshund. Tatotoos Dachshund I love Mom shirt At first he had bad breath and a slight smell but he really didn’t stink. I began brushing his teeth nightly, by the way he looks forward to it, and that took care of the bad breath. As far as his odor, he no longer smells. In fact he has a sweetness smell now. It could be because I changed dog food and he only drinks bottled water ( At least 90% of the time) of which I change his water 3 times a day. Also, I wash his bedding just like I wash my sheets (he sleeps with us) and wash his dishes frequently. He is very good at grooming his hands and feet too. He is a very clean puppy (14 yrs old next month) and we love him very much!We had a miniature Dachshund for a couple of weeks, before we returned him to his former owner. He was so demanding that everything in the house revolved around him. No one could sleep later than he did in the morning. Once he was awake, we were all awake. We kept him in the kitchen so he would not terrorize the entire house 24/7, but it didn’t help much. Once he was awake he would bark at the top of his lungs and throw himself at the kitchen door repeatedly until someone got up and paid attention to him.

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When I used to visit my grandparents’ home, Tatotoos Dachshund I love Mom shirt my aunt Betty’s Dachshunds would jump up on the couch, and then on to the back of the couch, and they would run back and forth behind our heads while aunt Betty repeatedly told them to stop and get down from there. They completely ignored her, and she was a very experienced person with dogs. Their family raised many champion Dachshunds that excelled in shows, yet she could not control those little beasts either. I don’t know what force of nature could quell their hyperactive and domineering personalities.

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