Nigel Burgess Hazel Craigie that remains to be seen. He needs his own electoral mandate at some point and soon. Oddly the opposition parties continue to frustrate him at every turn yet still won’t call a vote of no confidence in Johnson’s no majority government. Richard Harvey Philip Lock maybe Boris should have a few words with that pops Queen in Ireland of our very large low % loan to Ireland when they were stupid enough to fall for all the EU lies of easy printed money. Graham Wiles, The was a democratic vote and Boris is upholding that…he should be commended for his alliance to his people!

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unlike you remainers who cannot accept a democratic vote so take a look at yourselves before you slate Boris because YOU are the problem..not Boris! Christopher Finlay Andrew Nisbet but at least we will be away from the EU nazi Bloc I live in Northern Ireland sorry but your dreaming don’t need a border but do need to do checks Ireland is trying to hold Northern Ireland to ransom like it’s terrorists do and the Good Friday Agreement you keep moaning about has been broken for years so can’t hold on to that, the Irish government is hoping we stay in because us British prop your country up with our money. Oh, by the way, your not Irish anymore your a European don’t forget that remember you joined the EU you lose your title. Theresa Beale Nick Jolly nothing is more important to the British people than great Britain and Northern Ireland. Not even your precious failing soon to be bankrupt E.U.

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    Ordered a T-shirt for my boyfriend online. It arrived 2 days later just as advertised. Great quality, excellent value for money.

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