Viv Dixon The Apollo Manchester to a packed house standing in the aisles many times! I have a video of an audience with and even as I’m posting this I’m laughing… I still ask guests into my ‘vestibule’ Genius! Steeden player tree Christmas shirt.  Sharon Seed I love Billy Connolly. You are such a naturally funny and talented man, you make me laugh every time I set eyes on you, a big thank you for the laughter you have given us over the years. Enjoy your well-earned retirement with your beautiful wife Pamela Stephenson. Debbie Bridgeford How lovely. What a good friend he was. So caring. It’s so good he loves and understands nature. It must have been so hard to say goodbye. Bless him. Margaret Maddern What lovely story of a boy rescuing a swallow and caring for it, I’m sure the swallow will come back next year, well done to his parents for helping him.

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We don’t hear enough about the young children who are kind & thoughtful. well done. Steven Collins my brother has just raised a wood pigeon chick, it has now fledged but comes to see him every morning and Steeden player tree Christmas shirt. Hayley Lorimer Absolutely love this! Around 8 years ago I rescued a baby swallow whos nest had crashed to the ground, its parents couldn’t find the nest and all the siblings had died in the cold. We hand fed it, helped it learn to fly etc then released him. Hopefully, Wilbur returns next summer. Elma Griffiths Very heartwarming boy, and the family too , I’m sure they miss “ him “ ! But they will never forget the happiness they experienced with him!

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Husband liked the one I ordered for a friend so much that I ordered one for him. My only quibble is that I would have liked to be able to just re-order, but designing was so easy that it took almost no time to redo.

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