I’ll tell you my story, and then you can take what  Starbucks Nurse Shirt you want from it. I married in 2011 at the age of . Eighteen months later, on an ordinary morning, I had a stroke. My husband took me to the ER. I had an MRI that confirmed it. Less than an hour later, I was fine. They wanted to send me to the larger regional hospital. They let my husband drive me. En route, I had a heart attack while he ran into Starbucks. Not kidding. He came out, handed me my latte and we went on. Once we arrived at the hospital he dropped me off out front and went to park. I went in, was admitted, and headed up to my room alone when I felt another MI (heart attack) coming on.

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I made it to my room, vomited, and laid on the bed.  Starbucks Nurse Shirt I saw a nurse, a young dr who diagnosed me with stomach flu, and a real dr who ordered an enzyme test to confirm the MI. I was in the hospital for a month. At some point, a blood clot attacked my spleen. During the CAT scan, they noted the dead parts of my spleen and my left kidney was HUGE. Like an orange. So I had a biopsy and it was kidney cancer. The kidney came out in Oct. Then in July had a son. In October I had another son and my tubes tied. Now, I guess with cancer, blood thinners, and the depression that set in, it would have been reasonable to just move into my brother’s basement and stop living.

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