England is not in Ireland. Being pedantic St Patrick’s Day Irish Gnome Fireball Shirt about it, they haven’t been for over 300 years. Perhaps they’re confusing “England” with “the United Kingdom”. Even then, it’s been almost 100 years since the U.K. had any governing presence in Ireland. It’s very concerning that in the age of social media, email, the internet, and practically instant global communication, no one has bothered to inform these people of this fact. Even in the picture above from 1948, there was no British presence in Ireland. In fact, just one year later we declared ourselves a republic, completely outside of the United Kingdom’s sphere of influence.

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Second is that Northern Ireland  St Patrick’s Day Irish Gnome Fireball Shirt was partly populated by Scots transplanted by the English. These Scots kept connections to their homeland and brought kilts, Scottish bagpipes, and other Scottish traditions to Ireland while mixing with the locals. When some emigrated to the New World, these Scots-Irish were a major cultural influence on the early United States, partly contributing to the accent and bringing elements of both Scottish and Irish culture together to the frontier. Subsequent waves of Irish immigration saw an American Irish identity already built by these Scots-Irish and found they fit well under this umbrella. The Irish and Scots-Irish immigrants came from very martial traditions and contributed to the ranks of the early military and law enforcement organizations, which is why bagpipes are often seen at military and law enforcement funerals.

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