For the outfielders, the game is  Softball she got it from her momma shirt about the same, maybe easier in softball because you are so close that everyone has a gun for an arm. However, since the bases are a lot closer, the runners will challenge your arm every time. For the infielder’s softball is hell. You are too close. It is as if you were playing always with the infield in. You have to field cleanly every ball or the runner is safe. You have to throw accurately every time or the runner is safe. You cannot look at the runner and throw to first or the runner is safe. Making a double play is very hard. Good thing that the ball is softer than a baseball or there would be injuries all over the place.

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Yes. In a sense. Fast-pitch softball is Softball she got it from her momma shirt very similar to baseball. Slow pitch softball is a different game. Slowpitch is what people play for fun because the ball will most probably be put in play in every at-bat. Fast-pitch is very similar to baseball in that hitting is very difficult. Even accounting for the larger ball. Softballs used in fast pitch leagues do not have contrasting stitches, making it almost impossible to recognize the spin. But even if you were able to recognize the spin and therefore the pitch, it would probably do you no good because the distance from the mound to home plate is too close to adjust your swing. A good softball fastball is harder to hit than a baseball fastball. Top softball pitchers can throw 75 to 85 mph. From 40 feet. That gives less time to react than if you were facing a 99 mph Baseball fastball. And, of course, there is the rising softball pitch, that is almost impossible to hit.


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