Remember that practice doesn’t make perfect Softball Player 2020# Quarantined shirt  unless it’s perfect practice. Work on the basics for your position but don’t ignore the things others do at there’s. As an outfielder handling ground balls is a low percentage of your duties but you must still learn the right way to do it. Take a turn behind the plate and on the pitching rubber so you know what it’s like and what they see; you can’t have too much information or too wide a depth of experience. When you are finished practicing, watch the best players actually playing. There’s much to be learned by watching best do their job but stay away from odd routines. Hunter Pence’s pre-at bat routine works for him but no one else.

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I coached Babe Ruth League, Junior High Softball Player 2020# Quarantined shirt  baseball, JV Baseball, JV and Varsity Girls Softball for MANY years, and had to teach sliding at each level, by demonstration. Various kinds of slides.. standard slides to all, hook slides and slide/pop-up slides to the JV baseball players. We practiced at least one day each week. I didn’t ask the girls to do anything by standard slides because very few of them had any sliding ability when they came to me. As an aside, quite a few of the girls didn’t want to slide because they didn’t want to get their practice clothes and their uniforms dirty that’s the truth. Coaching girls was interesting; girls and boys ARE different I truly enjoyed coaching the girls; they played for fun, and that was nice.

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