Awesome! Now if we could just find even older and rarer human remains Snoopy riding bicycle shirt or on Crete to fill in this gap. You secular Young Homo/Centaur believers are lucky acidic soils destroy bone fragments in fossil record making it harder to find remains that push modern humans (or other archaic humans like H. Erectus) even further back, while also showing how they remained in a state of biological Stasis for millions of years. Lucky! Anyway, with finds like this popping up recently. You Randall are not giving yourself a chance to grow into your imagined adult self.

Snoopy riding bicycle shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Snoopy riding bicycle Hoodie


Snoopy riding bicycle Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Snoopy riding bicycle Sweater


Snoopy riding bicycle V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt

Best Snoopy riding bicycle shirt

Randall Scout just the religious reaction I’d expect Snoopy riding bicycle shirt. I’m sorry if new evidence doesn’t help preserve secular guesswork and timelines. I told Kent Hovind and the angry Westboro group the same. Randall Scout no shit sherlock and your response was one I’d expect from the angry Westboro group and Young Earthers. If you knew I was an atheist then why the fuck did you say “religious reaction”? Do you even know what atheism is? Golly Randall, Wayne is being mighty patient with you despite that you displayed a puerile mindset, over a Facebook comment!


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