So change the narrative. Merida, Moana, Mulan, and many other Snoopy 1969 NASA 2019 Apollo 11 shirt don’t fit that description of a helpless, I need a man princess. If you ensure you highlight the strengths and positive attributes they possess then your daughter can enjoy the princesses while learning that strength lies within and is not dependent on having a man “rescue” her. In other words, be a parent. There are books about amazing women in history. There’s also a book you can get in Europe called goodnight stories for rebel girls. Some Disney characters are strong women too. Moana and Merida are my favorites. Also her age. Did you ever think about having your daughter write out her goals, passions, and priorities? You’d be amazed at what kids can do without influence from media.

Snoopy 1969 NASA 2019 Apollo 11 shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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Ladies Tee

Snoopy 1969 NASA 2019 Apollo 11 Sweater


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Merida from Brave was a pretty good princess, Snoopy 1969 NASA 2019 Apollo 11 shirt. If you’re looking for truly not princesses then maybe some historical figures, civil servants (police, fire, and rescue), female athletes… The problem is not princesses per se. The problem is the negative connotation around the ‘Princess’ archetype. The girl who exists just to look pretty and wait on a prince to rescue them. If you choose to focus on the other aspects that being a ruling monarch provide, then using a princess as a role model won’t be a problem. For example, Kate Middleton, Lady Diana (RIP) and Meghan Markle are all IMO amazing role models. Depends on your family values, religion, and ideology.


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