Kristine Chavez My aunt died from a tumor on her brain. We thought she was depressed because she had just lost her job. Skull sunflower I do what I want Shirt. They went to the hospital and she had stage 4 cancer. It was too late. It’s been 2 years. She was a sweetheart. Kelly Louise Cozens this is the general thing with cancer sadly I find doctors are ruling out all other things before referring you even when u get the cancer diagnosis they aren’t quick a dear friend has been recently diagnosed and been waiting weeks for MRI results and pep scan results only to be told that in the 7 weeks since first and second scans it’s now spread to lymph nodes she was having symptoms way back in the year and told it was many other things first.

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Angela Dodd Kelly Louise Cozens the day I found my lump I called my doctors I was told there were no appointments for that Skull sunflower I do what I want Shirt and I explained about the lump I found they told me to come to the surgery and just wait to be seen no problem I did this my GP was amazing I kinda knew what it was but he’s said it could be a tumor or a cyst, either way, they have 2 weeks to get you booked in at a breast clinic for tests over the next few weeks I had appointment letters dropping through my door on a regular basis for scans ultrasounds mammograms.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kate Charlotte

    Second time around the order was perfect and the t-shirts fit well. Easy to use website and friendly staff. I also appreciate the little sweetie I found at the bottom of the envelope. Nice touch 🙂

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