Kashmir has been a source of dispute between India and Shotgun Formation Cleveland Browns shirt since the two countries won independence from Britain in 1947. An attorney for the family of the man charged in the El Paso shooting rampage says his mother contacted police weeks before the rampage out of concern that her son had a rifle. Right from the article. “The attorneys said the mother was only seeking information and wasn’t motivated by a concern that her son was a threat to anybody. They also said the mother didn’t identify herself or her son in the call.

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Vicente BS Republicans cry wolf over Shotgun Formation Cleveland Browns shirt. If law enforcement officers stop killing innocent men like Akai Gurley and John Crawford III maybe they wouldn’t have a problem. I do not believe that law enforcement currently can go in and take weapons (guns) from somebody before they commit a crime due to lack of laws allowing them to do so in order to protect gun owners. I believe that it has nothing to do with restrictions but in fact the lack of tools for law enforcement to take preemptive actions.

Vicente, So explain to the rest of us reading the article how the Democrats stopped the police from doing their jobs? I believe it was Mr Trump that repealed the gun law relating to mental health, I believe it is Mitch that will not bring any kind of gun law to the Senate to be voted for the last eight years. Typical, making statements without facts.


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