Andrew Carroll Hi from Northern Ireland sadly Leo is having to step in and help since our own minority elected representatives are trying to cause mayhem. Cathal Kelly Philip Lock Hypocritical to denigrate the Irish Taoiseach at the same time as cry-arising that Bojo is continually ridiculed. And I find it very hard to believe that Bojo is the best you have. Anyway, good luck to you. Doug Rowley Nick Jolly why is it then that the EU accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for years. This is supposed to be according to you such a proper organization that everything is done legally and properly. You say we think that the UK is more important than it is in your eyes. We would never allow companies to file unaudited accounts.

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Certainly, the Serious Fraud Office would be involved in a situation like the EU’s unaudited corrupt accounts! It’s as bad as FIFAs corruption, once again involving non-UK persons! Michael Law There’s businesses going bust in Ireland right now because of people like you in a different country who are incapable of thinking for themselves. What did you expect from the Irish prime minister? Jane Bristow Nick Jolly everything except the accounts! I think we’d like to see them issue audited accounts confirming where EU funds have come from & where they’ve gone. What organization gets away with not doing that when they are accountable to the people who contribute the money i. e. us? Nigel Burgess Alan Horton was referenced in some detail in a recent BBC2 documentary. The problem with so many contributors is their opinions are based it seems on the events of the last three years alone. Not what compelled Cameron to call a referendum that he was absolutely convinced that he would win.

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    Ordered a T-shirt for my boyfriend online. It arrived 2 days later just as advertised. Great quality, excellent value for money.

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