She was 5 when we did this. It washes out and she thought it was amazing. I need Santa Claws Christmas shirt. Let her color her hair now while it doesn’t matter. If it’s not a problem for her school, I’d let her. It’s only hair. On a related topic, I think it’s kind of sad you have to even consider whether it’s ok with her school. Britt McGuire some schools like my daughter’s forbid certain bright colors as it goes against the dress code. I live in England by the way where uniforms are worn in every school.

Santa Claws Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Santa Claws Christmas Hoodie


Santa Claws Christmas Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Santa Claws Christmas Sweater


Santa Claws Christmas V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt

Best Santa Claws Christmas shirt

I get that schools have regulations, which is why I said to check Santa Claws Christmas shirt. I just think it’s sad that schools can control people’s individual choices that really are insignificant to their education. Ashley Shaylene McDonald as long as you don’t try to force your child to wear huge gauged earrings if you leave them out eventually the hole will close and heal. We waited until they were old enough to ask for their ears pierced and for the hair coloring. The oldest one you can’t even tell her hair was green just a couple months ago. Perfectly fine for school. Laura Caroppoli I haven’t checked in years to see if my holes were open, but I definitely do have the scarring. I can still put earrings in my holes too. I doubt they will close permanently. However, my wife used to have her nose pierced for a few years. She took it out for a new job and at the end of her shift she went to put it back in and she couldn’t. So I think it probably depends on the person.


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