Tim Marshall It’s a good idea, but then who pays for that? If it’s the people adopting or buying an animal, then I would fear a couple of Rip Wheeler Vintage Got A Problem Send Rip Shirt. I think there would be fewer adoptions, leading to more killings in shelters. You’d also end up with more underground ownership which would likely lead to more cruelty. Unfortunately, as a whole, we are just despicable. Fortunately, there are lots out there like yourself and others posting here who do care about animals. All the best. Richard Castro If I knew of this man, I would go out of my way to make his life a misery. I hope the people of Ayr take as much delight as I would when he comes out.

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Patricia Devaney Scott Walls they Rip Wheeler Vintage Got A Problem Send Rip Shirt they can feel pain and some would give their life for their owners. Kathryn Pattison, I hate people who hate animals. How can anyone use cats as bait? How dare people be able to own dogs who hate cats? Free. Bandog owners who hate cats it just horrific! Ali Peachy Please spay/neuter your animals so you don’t end up with ‘spares’ that you have to get rid of! If you do absolutely need to rehome a Cat, please contact a local rescue and get them to take the Cat, instead of selling or giving the animal away online. These sickos have well-practiced ways of making people think they’re just normal people who want to give a cat a good home, they’ve been known to send a ‘nice’ well-dressed woman to collect cats.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kate Charlotte

    Really pleased with the print of a complicated T-shirt design and still looking good after several washes.

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