Obama’s seven years of dithering on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to transport Alberta bitumen to refineries on the Rick and Morty Kansas City Chiefs shirt, It’s the only decent by-product of our lifestyle and doesn’t have the thermodynamic properties to control the climate that’s done by the sun and its interaction with the moon. Controlling the climate is all about controlling you it’s a Rockefellers plan . The oil barons ….vast wealth. If you want to control the world you’d use the climate. And twits are demanding it. Adam Anderson There’s a certain country with about a billion and a half people that care nothing about any climate issues.

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Frank Lingohr Scheer and con’s wanted to give in to all trumps demands including getting rid of the Rick and Morty Kansas City Chiefs shirt. David James Nordin We have a far more corrupt government in Canada then the do in those countries. Our current leader has been found guilty twice for corruption. And he is by far the most unethical person to ever be in our prime minister’s office. Mario Aguilar David James Nordin Trump is so corrupt it’s incredible. He breaks a law, gets into trouble for it, says he’s above the law and does it again the next day! America has a lying sexual predator on the Supreme Court. Right now America is far ahead of every other country with corruption. The U.K. has a sleazy Prime Minister that wasn’t elected.

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