Am surprised about human beings Rick and Morty I hate people shirt. We create an endless war that claims thousands of lives if not millions. Such a sad loss of a young man for a senseless war…… also, not to forget, the thousands of Afghanistani civilians who lost their lives as well since 9/11 in the name of “collateral damage” due to American bombings and military actions.

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Let’s be honest, he died for no cause. I want Rick and Morty I hate people shirt. The presence of US troops in Afghanistan is a tunnel with no end. Get out to save lives like this one. Your government is going to keep on sending serviceman to die in a never-ending war, and for what? What has been achieved? Needs to identify, who will be beneficiary if USA and Taliban suspend talks. Anyone who is having a negative interest must be identified and punished even if it’s some 3rd party. Let’s give peace a chance.

Not a fan of having this man’s name dragged into this mess, though I suppose it was inevitable. His thoughts and beliefs will surely be speculated upon and used as political fodder. War should be the absolute last thing we ever do. I’ve seen its results & lives destroyed. Family members exposed to AO suffered terribly & left a Wife & 2 Children who themselves have suffered from the absent parent. A Ranger returning home incapable of living a normal life, destroyed… Its is so so sad.


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