Sarah Jane Robinson Alexia Frasca I worked in education for a long time and some of the things children face are horrendous. I’m all about giving children coping skills whether it’s the child who has the Richmond Tigers players Christmas tree shirt. Katy Did I couldn’t agree more. Where I live is a small coastal town that people retire to and the amount of quite elderly grandparents raising whole families of children is astounding. If the grandparents were not available or just unable to, these kids would be in foster care.Melissa Eacersall Why do you have to list the children your son is friends with as though you are doing them a favor or just showing how ‘tolerant and pc’ you are! ‘EVEN a child who is transgender!’ Because it’s rare for people to come into contact with a child who is transgender. I have three children and between them they’ve had many many friends and classmates.

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Do we only know of one transgender child? Richmond Tigers players Christmas tree shirt You appear to have missed the point – Sarah Jane Robinson was merely pointing out the types of situations that her child doesn’t experience inside his family but that he clearly has become aware of in other families, and how important it is that children learn that their family experiences are not the only ones out there – for her this is important why Sesame Street should (and do) sensitively handle these stories. We live in Australia but I am British which means I know only a little about aboriginal culture. Luckily the local children’s channel is great so we have both learnt a lot. I wanted to reassure concerned parents that learning about others is a positive and in no way is a negative for children.

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    Husband liked the one I ordered for a friend so much that I ordered one for him. My only quibble is that I would have liked to be able to just re-order, but designing was so easy that it took almost no time to redo.

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