Suzanne Ananicz All the diversions of Brexit and all the wasted trillions on war we could easily have solved the filthy seas that Purranormal Cativity scary Cats Halloween shirt. I am no pessimist but we will end up destroying this earth. Paul Hurrell Anyone who purchases’s such items should have prior knowledge to what it is they are buying, just common sense, why to pay that for it when you can get a cheaper one just as high standard from a farm animal, I love crocodile’s and if I wanted a skull I’d have done the research first, so well done to them for seizing the item, we should aim to prosecute the seller. Helen Capdevila I suggest that every single FAA official and

Purranormal Cativity scary Cats Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt


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Boeing Executive involved being forced to fly as passengers on the MAX for a year. Then come back and report their findings on the Purranormal Cativity scary Cats Halloween shirt. Ed Miller, This is criminal negligence on the part of every Boeing executive who was aware of the issue. Sheer avarice killed those people, and those responsible will never be held accountable. Takis Venetoklis How can CEOs and other high executives still work for the company? How can staff who withheld such crucial information on the plane’s safety sleep at night? Even if not directly responsible, they should have resigned immediately. I never comprehended this “Who? Me?” attitude. Jackie Guyette My mom worked for Boeing and took great pride in the quality of work. Thank goodness she is retired and not part of this. She would have totally been a whistleblower.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    To be honest when i saw the prices i wasn’t expecting too much. Happy to say i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shirt, the printing and the speed at which the order was completed. Definitely coming back for more.

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