Chisenga Katongo I think you have actually put everything in perspective. That is a really valid point and I actually really appreciate that Pumpkin spice and saving lives Halloween shirt. It does sound like a great offer. However, as you said, where is the money going that is being generated from these sports? Bear in mind that the college also builds a really good rep from winning sports. Everybody wants to align with a winning college that also offers a decent education. These sports help with their branding and the increase of enrollments. Elisabeth Jahrstorfer Sports at school should be strictly physical education and fun and not a paid job. The task of the school is to provide the students with the knowledge and thus to enable them to achieve the desired degree.

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Education, in general, is meant to yield a job – in Pumpkin spice and saving lives Halloween shirt, sports. If we go by what you say, there should be no extra-curricular activities of the organized sports variety. Michelle Prince, I want to say yes because of the schools and NCAA profit off of them, but I know they will use it as an excuse to raise tuition. Jason Klein Michelle Prince’s athletic money doesn’t come from tuition. It comes from TV. Rights and merchandising. Michelle Prince Jason Klein, oh I know. I’m just saying I can see our colleges using it as an excuse. I’m paying $43,000 a year for my daughter. Daniel Galpin From what I understand they aren’t being ‘paid’ in terms of a salary. It just allows them to make money on the form of the notoriety they get from their social media followings. Watch the entire video until the end. There is a very good case study illustrating this.

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    Great product, nicely done. Wasn’t dispatched on time, but did arrive in time to me, and was efficiently and courteously dealt with so all’s well that ends well! Thanks folks.

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