Valerie McLean, I think when breast cancer is diagnosed, MRI and bone scan should be routine, immediately. I’m stage 4 but didn’t have to wait for the Pretty Painting John Lennon imagine Shirt, and I know that is not usual. I was on the treatment within a few weeks, and am doing well 1 year on. I feel lucky, even though I understand the implications. Linda Harmon, I have been cancer-free for 7.5 years, at my initial diagnosis I was given a CT Pet Scan which checks your whole body just in case they have missed anything. This was done before my final treatment plan. I was treated as an NHS patient in the UK. I could not fault the medical expertise or treatment I received in any way.

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Kelly Louise Cozens Linda Harmon so was my friend and Pretty Painting John Lennon imagine Shirt it hadn’t she is awaiting loads of results you need to move fast with these things. Linda Harmon Kelly Louise Cozens I agree the Oncology Dept., told me when they discharged me to immediately get a doctors referral back to them. My GP is excellent if you need a referral or immediate follow up I know this is not the case with all GP’s and a lot take the wait and see approach. However, my GP is retiring soon so unsure about the future if any symptoms return. Obviously I’m hoping they never will.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Second time around the order was perfect and the t-shirts fit well. Easy to use website and friendly staff. I also appreciate the little sweetie I found at the bottom of the envelope. Nice touch 🙂

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