Buddhi Devakula I felt for them but did you know what’s happened in Catalonia was different from Scotland’s counterpart, right? Imagine what’s in Spain that happened to the Pretty Guinea Pigs Merry Pigmas shirt and legal which another one wasn’t. Gordon Au Yeung Nothing better to encourage pro-independence Catalans to come together and put up another fight in the future. Poor choice. Those politicians will become martyrs in the eyes of the disgruntled. Gordon Au Yeung Felipe Nicolau Pastrie And you should learn that simple enforcement of the law will not quell separatism. The independence bid was but an alarming signal that a considerable portion of Catalan’s is willing to sacrifice everything to seek independence.

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The response should be to grant greater autonomy on certain issues that can soothe them while drawing a clear line in Pretty Guinea Pigs Merry Pigmas shirt. No reasonable quid pro quo and the region will turn into a powder keg. Leyre Martinez Gordon Au Yeung what do you think the government has done for the last 15/20 years but giving greater autonomy to Catalonia in comparison with the rest of communities in Spain. Now you tell me because it seems that it has worked that well neither. Gordon Au Yeung Leyre Martinez As “awful” as it might sound, whether it is enough depends on the Catalans. If you don’t like them so much, maybe you should just let them leave. They will crash and burn because the EU won’t take them in, but you won’t be much better off either. Marg Tony Cordero If they put up another fight for independance the same will happen, but the treble sentence in jail. They shouldn’t push their luck!

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