Richard Llewelyn Williams Cyrus Wayne Bambrick He is but the employees of the Post Malone In The Pocket Fuck Shirt. They are people who’ve made a decision regardless of Bard’s talents and neither Shakespeare nor the taxpayer should pay the penalty for their decision. Elsie Duncan So are they also boycotting flights abroad for their gap years? I hope the Operas don’t ditch BP too or that will be the end of the Opera in the parks in June! If you want to look at the issue from the perspective of lives, then have you got any idea how many lives companies like BP, and others in the oil industry have saved just in the last 6-7decades? Both directly through research and development in energy which was a direct factor in the rapid development of huge areas in the tiniest amount of time, it empowered and saved the lives of more people than ever in the whole history of mankind?

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Or even indirectly through all those products derived from petrol, just think of Post Malone In The Pocket Fuck Shirt, better and more efficient building materials, clothes, and even that device from which you wrote your comment. Have a think Anthony Martin Glenn Knowles – did you read that it says BP subsidized “Student” tickets. So the students have chosen to loose out not the RSC – Sometimes it costs to be ethical. Alexandru Nica Mahesh Sasidharan yes friend, where do you think that most of the energy you use comes from? Or the energy used for all the clothes, food, your education and all the travel you did since you came into this world, where do you think that most of it came from? Or do you just think that it comes from “idealist” comments on social media?

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Really pleased with the print of a complicated T-shirt design and still looking good after several washes.

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