Peter Scoffings Thank goodness Parliament is determined to properly scrutinize Johnson’s see deal. The urge to get a deal done shouldn’t mean that any deal is ok, particularly one that will be so clearly damaging to our economy, to people’s employment rights and protections and to our environment. Poodle Hard rock cafe shirt and if it had been, it’s very doubtful it would have won the referendum – which is probably why they’re so reluctant to put it to a confirmatory referendum. Stuart Morris Peter Scoffings protected employment rights and environmental rights. The reason people are reluctant to have another referendum is because remain MPs cannot be trusted to honour the results. Look at the SNP totally ignoring the Scottish referendum and the EU referendum.

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Then you have all the lib dems saying if leave won they would ignore the results. It would only turn out the same as it is now, a bloody circus. Scotland the country that makes up the UK you mean? The Poodle Hard rock cafe shirt. Because England has a bigger population and therefore more votes do not mean we do what England wants. If as was promised at the last indyref to vote no and your voice will be heard. Well, that’s well and truly been debunked. I should also tell you the SNP are voted in on a fairer system proportional representation, a not first past post like Westminster. All 32 councils in Scotland voted to remain, are you saying your vote in England has more value than those in Scotland because that’s what it seems like.

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