he 72-year-old grandmother in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, was brutally beaten (I Play Drums Because I Can’t Dance Shirt), and his family was beaten, illegally detained, under house arrest, and threatened by the whole family! Please media reports, I am looking for justice in Beijing!  Ashish Ranjan Trump is obese and Modi is overweight – both are morally unfit to be anywhere near a position of power and influence. Ashish Ranjan Steven McCallum you don’t know but Modi is among the fittest prime minister. Trump too looks fit. Ashish Ranjan Rick Norman 7 awards of the highest honor from 7 different powerful countries to Modi proves that Modi is the best prime minister India had. Prince Omosuwa In My Country there’s nothing like medically unfit for the presidential Post

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Modi sleeps only for 4 hours and he doesn’t rest for an entire day telling I Play Drums Because I Can’t Dance Shirt. Even you cant do that. And people know about his firm handshake. Talking about Modi. Chal bag yaha use. Bachelor. Ashish Ranjan as opposed to the morbidly obese, exercise phobic, junk food addict that’s there now? Lol, at least Bernie is SANE. So Trump hasn’t had a heart attack and still, Bernie is more fit to be president…. your opinion is invalid if you’re going to be painfully stupid … Ashish Ranjan you really are joking, right? Is it the spray tan that has you fooled? Ashish Ranjan – Seems as if your autocorrect mistakenly changed “mentally” unfit to “medically” unfit.


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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Great product, nicely done. Wasn’t dispatched on time, but did arrive in time to me, and was efficiently and courteously dealt with so all’s well that ends well! Thanks folks.

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