His career is higher than any full season of Bradshaw’s career. While Bradshaw has the upper (P+L) (A+N) =PA+PN+LA+LN arghhhh my plan has been foiled shirt hand with super bowl wins, you have to remember he played with hall of famers including wide receivers and a legendary running back. Roethlisbereger won super bowls with a less talented roster. By almost every quarterback metric and statistic, Roethlisbereger is the better quarterback. I know many old schools steelers fans will want to disagree with me, but the numbers speak for themselves. how much do you want?well before thethe steelers

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Weren’t all that great a team, (P+L) (A+N) =PA+PN+LA+LN arghhhh my plan has been foiled shirt and then they hired passed recently, but anyway he got the team in tip top shape and with them they won super bowl championships. after that they didn’t do much up untilhey defeated the seattle seahawks in  to make it  and then beat the arizona cardinals in ‘ super bowl to winand have been a pretty good team the past few years. and a little trivia they are the only team to have the logo on only one side of the helmet and are one of about 5 teams to not have cheerleaders.

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