I’m on something like summer break now, after high Pittsburgh Steelers Best Dad Ever shirt school and before grandfatherhood. In retrospect, thus far, I love that I was three girls and was able to teach them plenty of girl stuff, but they ALSO know plenty of stuff that’s a bit more common for boys. My oldest fixed her car while her husband stood there and helped. The funniest part is that he’s a soldier (but not airborne like I was, maybe when they come back to the states I can try to correct that.


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My youngest is thinking about joining the air Pittsburgh Steelers Best Dad Ever shirt force so she can tell her boyfriend get to FLY the planes, all you did was fall out of them.” My second is back in the mountains, where I should be, and probably has half her house filled with art by now, also like how I normally have my own but need to move and reestablish that. What I’m not sure how to love yet is that I’m kidless for the first time since 1997. The substantially more disturbing part is that I’m also womanless. It was somewhat intentional, three females running my life was crazy enough, and their mom has always been nearby and a bit more involved than what’s usually the case after most divorces.

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