Nikki Harris Peter F Thomas Am I really? Or am I just being truthful? Who’s fault is it she stuck her head out of Opeth In Cauda Venenum shirt? Or is it the distilleries fault because their alcohol that she drank made her incapacitous? Or is it the councils fault for not cutting back trees? I’m not heartless, it’s very tragic that a young woman has lost her life needlessly through no fault of anyone else but her own silly actions. Ruth Farmery I feel awful for her and her family but there is noone to blame. She made a very costly error in judgement but it’s just an accident. Same as people falling over and hitting their heads.

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Tragic but it can happen Hopefully others will see this and it will save someone else from the same mistake. Sarah Breed Ruth Farmery I’d go further in saying this is much more the fault of the vOpeth In Cauda Venenum shirt. Of course, at the end of the day this was a tragic accident, and I feel for her family, and for the loss of a young life. But common sense tells us that you don’t need signage to know not to stick your head out of a train window. Ruth Farmery Sarah Breed I do agree but people can trip over a loose pavement slab because they arent paying attention or fall down the stairs because they are texting. So many things are dangerous that we do every day without thinking and they are just accidents. Of course it’s her fault as I said she made a mistake. There is no need for signs at all. I agree 100 percent and that’s what I was saying.

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