They need to be a policy in place once the cancer is found in one place then the body is thoroughly checked in The one where I’m the Groom friends Shirt. The hospital my mum was in failed her and couldn’t be bothered to perform surgery a month later she was having emergency stoma surgery she nearly died then…. if they did the surgery the first time around it wouldn’t have been an emergency situation and possibly my mum would still be here today. Rachel Weedon Its not just Breast Cancer patients this happens too. I am sure something is wrong and been back 3 times so far, I had bowel cancer 2012 and my doc has mentioned sending me to oncology twice but then says we will try this first and truth is if I had scan we would know sooner or later if its back.

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Rachel Weedon Vicky Thomson My doc asked The one where I’m the Groom friends Shirt. I pointed out I would see him sooner if he could book one, almost month delay waiting for one, crazy. I will get to ecology even if I have to bypass my doc and contact them directly in the end, last resort, My past treatment was amazing and cannot fault the NHS for that, its the delays before treatment that truly lets the patients down. Liesl Muller Rachel I would contact them directly if you’re worried. If they’re anything like the cancer team I know here they would be supportive and either put your mind at rest or get you tested pronto if they shared your concern.

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    Kate Charlotte

    Second time around the order was perfect and the t-shirts fit well. Easy to use website and friendly staff. I also appreciate the little sweetie I found at the bottom of the envelope. Nice touch 🙂

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