I swear our whole country is soon to have signs every Oh Schon Bier Uhr Shirt to do when they should be very bloody obvious to most human beings! Sharon Seed David Bagley Are you sure you are not a Troll that has hacked this mans profile? As he hasn’t posted anything in practically a year. I know this happens a lot with unused accounts and profiles. This is where the problem lays, you ask me how I feel about jews as a whole? I don’t know every Jewish person on this planet so how could I comment. This pathetic mindset is far too common. Tansy Chana David Bagley it’s a shame someone didn’t consider abortion before you were born.

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If you’re stupid enough to make comments like the Oh Schon Bier Uhr Shirt, it’s a miracle you’ve made it this far in life. One can only hope you’re not this stupid when you’re away from the internet. Edward Langdon The train company weren’t held responsible. The report just recommended that the signs made it clear there’s a risk of death. Nikki Harris Her death was her own doing sad for the people she has left behind.But nevertheless extremely silly behaviour for a 28 year old grown woman which led to tragic circumstances. JL Mondiani Peter F Thomas I think you mean Nikki Harris you nailed it. She only stated the obvious. Some people are determined to avoid common sense at all times and often the consequences are dire. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    I’ve bought several personalised tshirts from different companies and Street Shirts is the best. Everything is easy from choosing a product through to ordering and delivery. Great prices and next to nothing delivery costs. Also arrived the day after dispatch. Very impressed.

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