Obsession Junmyeon Baekhyun Sehun signatures shirt in the UK with EVERY OTHER European nation and see what the root causes are. Peter Locke A a “history student” maybe you should look at the history of the nationalized railways in Europe – still going strong and SO well that they have had to come over here and bail-out incompetent PRIVATE rail companies. Andy Guy, I swear to god all labor do is brainstorm ideas that they know will be popular with voters and voila that’s their policies. It doesn’t matter about the cost or repercussions of any of the policies as long as people think they’ll be better off under labor that’s all that matters.

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Trouble is there’s a very high price to pay for Obsession Junmyeon Baekhyun Sehun signatures shirt. Beth Mackay Darren N Wendy Aucote why would the big corporations move out of the country when we would still be the lowest corporation taxes? Let’s not forget the tories absolutely slashed corporation tax for their billionaire mates labor are only restoring it to where it should be which is still. Sarah Timmins Darren N Wendy Aucote what is the relevance is your point? When the actual Tory govt who are in power right now want to sell it off. Who cares who first thought of PFIs 20 years ago! It’s about as relevant as reminding you that the Labour Party introduced the nhs and the tories repeatedly voted against introducing it. Irrelevant in 2019. Wake up to what’s happening right now.

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    Absolutely fab service. Will definitely use again.

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