They are in fact particularly good dogs to have around. Very smart as well. The perfect house Not today cuntasaurus Christmas shirt. Ours is 12 now and can run like a greyhound still. We have a miniature labradoodle called Luna and she is amazing. Such a lovely dog to be around and amazing with the kids. I wouldn’t be without her. Weren’t so-called pedigree dogs mongrels at some point? Dog snobbery is very wrong. Lots of pedigree dogs have health problems too. I have a Cavachon and he is a lovely dog, has a fantastic temperament and has no health problems.

Not today cuntasaurus Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Not today cuntasaurus Christmas Hoodie


Not today cuntasaurus Christmas Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Not today cuntasaurus Christmas Sweater


Not today cuntasaurus Christmas V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt

Best Not today cuntasaurus Christmas shirt

There are thousands of dogs in rescue homes all waiting for a loving Not today cuntasaurus Christmas shirt but it’s through human vanity and selfishness that we continue to want and breed new designer dogs. All of the established breeds were designer cross-breeds at some point – many were designed in recent history. To think some dog breeds are dying out and then you have people cross breeding for fashion and greed.

New South Wales has become the final state to overturn laws which had been criticized as archaic. Abortion unless under medical circumstances that require the mother to do it, should not be allowed. There are those with genuine medical reasons while others do not have any reason to. Claire Harps Harper if someone is a human they have an opinion. A first-trimester abortion is reasonable, but not late-term, whereby sometimes the babies are born alive and left to cry until they die. Do you support that?


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