We’ll miss you Scooter. Thanks for what you did for us while you were here. I want New York Mets Legends shirt. I feel all of the moves that the Reds made at the trading deadline were positive. Many times trades made at this juncture weaken the team. I think the team has been strengthened. Thanks, Scooter for giving us some wonderful memories! God bless you. I remember everyone crying when we traded Frazier and Phillips and let Cozart and Hamilton go. All were good moves. Fan favorites don’t matter to front office people, because most times the fans know about 2% of what they think they do. I loved Scooter, but we got the best of his career. He’s way more Frazier than Morgan.

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Reds got the best 2 years Scooter will ever have. It was unexpected, cheap, and he is a good New York Mets Legends shirt. So let’s be grateful for that and wish him the best, would not have been prudent to try and keep longer. Thank you, Scooter! You helped make my first year as a Reds fan the best experience ever! Onward! I’m happy with the moves we’ve been making but I’ve never been so sad to see two players leave gonna miss Puig & scooter. Couldn’t find two better guys to have on the ball club. Do the Reds thank you by sending you and some money for a bag of rocks and some loose twine? Not feeling very happy with my Reds today. Let’s stick to baseball.


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