James Kirton There is absolutely no reason what so ever that fireworks need to be sold on general sale. Ban them? Nessa Jenkins Oh oh oh Merry Christmas Ugly sweater the people using them. I’m just glad my horses take no notice of them. Vicki L Hart Fireworks should be for public displays only and not be sold to just anyone in a supermarket with no experience. Those poor animals that get petrified by fireworks but some people just dont seem to care. Matt Chilman Every town/city should have a display every year which we all pay for via council tax, a few pounds from everyone would pay for a big display and everyone knows the time of the fireworks and can keep animals in at that time, emergency services can be in one place instead of all over. Richard Coleman Kim Louise I have a family member who is on the spectrum.

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He loves Nessa Jenkins Oh oh oh Merry Christmas Ugly sweater of people. If you ban fireworks from the sale he would miss out. Simon Jobson There are more constructive ways than the knee jerk reaction to call for a ban things you don’t agree with because they’ve caused issued (some overblown by media hype, others not) but banning things one by one is a nanny state response that turns a country into a grey, joyless, totalitarian states like North Korea or mainland China. Some people who call for banning things want this to be the case because they want everyone to be as miserable as them, some have looked into and debated various ways round the issue before coming to the conclusion that there’s no other way, others just don’t understand history & the slippery slope of totalitarianism.

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