Nolan the greatest director ever, you Michael Jordan Dad Chicago Bulls shirt would definitely find Communism or absolute Socialism appealing. After all, you are the net beneficiary here. But as soon as you reluctantly graduate and are thrust into the real world where there are graduate applications for the post of a security guard, and you realize that you have zero fucking real-life skills, and then you need to pay tax on your hard-earned income, and then some more when you go out to buy that packet of milk that costs more than what you mess fees for an entire month was, you realize that Communism works only in theory. The red pill finally kicks in and you see the light.

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The world is not created equal and there is no  Michael Jordan Dad Chicago Bulls shirt  practical way to achieve pure equality except by probably killing everyone. One night about 8 years ago I was in my home playing my guitar. I had a window unit a/c going and it was blowing air toward the other end of the house opposite the kitchen. I was just having a jam session and had been playing for about 30 minutes. While I was playing, I heard what sounded like a plastic bag being moved. As I look up from playing the guitar into the direction of the sound I saw a wall-mart falling from the countertop. I quickly ignore it thinking that the air from the blew a gust of air into the kitchen and blew it off the countertop. It puzzled me though since I couldn’t even feel the air from a/c myself. I continue playing the guitar focusing on what I was doing. About 10 minutes later I look up in the direction of the kitchen and behold the plastic bag is back on the counter.


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