Mary Schrader Furnish Linda Jean, you couldn’t possibly understand how discrimination feels like a black person. Don’t insult them by suggesting you do. I had a slight taste of it when I lived among some people of another culture and I am humbled by Metallic Guitar signatures shirt. Linda Jean I have a mixed granddaughter, she doesn’t cry about being part black, she doesn’t have to, love her, didn’t bring her up feeling that way, get back into this century people! Whether u are black, brown, red, yellow we are all one, please stop all the crying. Clare Cotman Linda Jean I doubt the miles you’ve walked compare to the history of the black community as a people. Yet they can’t call us on our actions?

Metallic Guitar signatures shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt


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It starts here, we broke it – no matter how long ago – and we really have a duty to fix it. Accountability. Metallic Guitar signatures shirt that they think they were the first family that people could look up to! To insinuate that white people run away from black people when our family, friends, co-worker are black as well? Arrogant to say the least. Vince Mcintosh, I thought They stood for equality?. I guess they’re better than you and me. That would explain why they moved to a 15 mil dollar house in 2 private neighborhoods

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    T-shirt arrived on time and is perfect. Good quality fabric and lettering. I will definitely place another order and recommend you to family and friends.

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