Merry Christmas The Beatles Abbey Road shirt and after the War. It is not right to make such a statement claiming Polish people were guilty, things are not just black and white. Needy Shroff I could not see it the stories narrated by the survivors pierced my heart. That really happened how can someone be so’s too much to take I could not and I don’t know how the poor survivors took it all. Joel Oliphant Good luck with that. A million asked GoT to change their show. It didn’t happen. It isn’t the news, it is a piece of entertainment. I mean Netflix was the first to make the interview available even though NK voiced strong opposition to it. There is very little chance they will change it for anybody. Bronwyn Mason Hmmm. I haven’t seen the documentary, but I will watch it. However, it is common knowledge that anti-Semitic values existed in Poland long before the Germans arrived. Paweł Bski Bronwyn Mason, it is a Good Time to go back to school.

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Merry Christmas The Beatles Abbey Road shirt, other victims of German bestiality, and still to stay a human being. It a very difficult lesson for Western countries. Bronwyn Mason Paweł Bski I’ve been to school, I’ve been to Poland and I’ve been to the camps. I’ve also spoken to Poles. Hopefully, the atrocities that occurred between 1939-1945 never happen again, however, I’m afraid they do, in different parts of the world, in different forms, on a daily basis. I honestly want to know… why did the western countries hate the Jews as u guys mentioned? I am an Arab, got no hatred for anyone. But it amuses me when we abuse each other for being who we are! I see that Arabs and Jews are fighting over land. But why did the western countries abuse Jews?

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