Thomas Bryceland Peter Clark I not for one moment said they are not needed I say you force me to do anything to my body against my will and you will meet the same amount of Mein Erstes Weihnachten Christmas Shirt. Thomas Bryceland Sam Leather As I have already said I have my Vacations but I decided not a politician that may or may not have shares at some point in the past or future. This Industry is crooked and IT needs to restore trust, it’s not my fault they are crooks. Matt Brown Thomas Bryceland that’s fine, then I must also resist with every force at my disposal your child attending the same school as mine if yours have not been immunized. Andy Collins Thomas Bryceland chooses not to vaccinate if you like, just accept that access to state-funded education will be denied.

Mein Erstes Weihnachten Christmas Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


Mein Erstes Weihnachten Christmas Shirt

V neck T-Shirt

Best Mein Erstes Weihnachten Christmas Shirt

That’s not “Mein Erstes Weihnachten Christmas Shirt”, it’s acceptance of collective responsibility. Laura Wootton Sorry. I think if you want to put an unvaccinated child I to a school and therefore risk children with lower immunities who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons then that is an attack of the bodies of many individuals. June Hutchinson Paul Standen Do they not realize that by not being vaccinated, they could be accused of assaulting others with killer diseases? I acknowledge that there are some who cannot be vaccinated for valid reasons but the majority of us are quite hardy. Measles did not kill me; there was no vaccine when I was a child. But… measles and other infectious diseases have killed many over the years. It is irresponsible to put young lives at risk.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Simple to use on-line design process with plenty of options. The product was also manufactured and delivered promptly, and although the T shirt fabric isn’t of the highest quality, it’s certainly good value for money and better than some store bought ones I’ve had! – overall I’d give them 4.5 out of 5.

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