His parents never accepted me. His mother made quilts Man of God husband dad grandpa shirt and shirts for all the grandchildren, nothing for me. His father always has grandchildren money for ice cream. He always made me wait until last, and ALWAYS ran out of money. I was always referred to as ‘that girl’ by them. My stepdad never once spoke up for me. My biological father accepted me as His child, even without a DNA test, and he was very proud of me, and I was his only child. I go by my biological father’s last name, as my maiden name. I am no longer in contact with my mom and stepdad, for this and several other personal reasons.

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My husband and brother in law drove 17hrs to meet  Man of God husband dad grandpa shirt up with us. They got to my dad’s place at about 10 am. I was sleeping and Muriel was taking care of my dad. She was blending forward to feed my dad and had her back to the door. My hubby slapped her on the backside and as he was rubbing the spot he slapped, Muriel screams and looks behind her. Both looking shocked and unable to speak. Then he starts stuttering out an apology about how I have the same navy slacks and white shirt and that she’s built like me and he just messed it up. Luckily Muriel had a healthy sense of humor and saw the funny side.

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