When the NRA and the Republican Party decided dead Americans and Maleficent I hate people shirt NRA bribes were an acceptable price for gun ownership they became a terrorist organization. There’s a new version of Monopoly coming, one that celebrates women by paying female players more than men. But it makes only a brief reference to the feminist whose board game is credited with inspiring it all.

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I sort of get what their goal was, get girls to learn about all these great things that women have accomplished Maleficent I hate people shirt. Don’t know if it’s the right execution though. Is anyone going to want to play this? It’s defiantly going to have a niche audience and it seems more like it’s become fodder for angry you tubers than inspiration for young girls.

Yay celebrate Landlords or whatever that game was everyone stole from her that taught people monopolies were freaking evil! Game catering to a victim mentality of a disproven wage gap theory in order to make a profit. I approve of this greed. I’m just here for the thoughtful comments because everyone actually read the article and not just the headline. Right?


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