Donny attacks because Pelosi has publicly Maga Man Donny Savage shirt challenged him and his frail ego showing the world who their president really is. He attacks because the majority of Americans want him impeached and removed from office. She is humiliating him. She is making him look the weak fool. Fox News is disparaging Him. He sees the breaks, the cracks and he is scared. The truth hurts. The pretender-in-chief has been caught with his pants down and every thing he has bragged about is all exaggeration. Little man, Donny Trump has been exposed for the liar he is. All that is left in his arsenal is attack, attack and attack. But this time, and perhaps from now on, his callous verbiage is falling on deaf ears.

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downs of the economy. However, if you take create,  Maga Man Donny Savage shirt as a President, for a good economy you then have to accept blame when a bad economy inevitably occurs When you use the national credit card (adding to the debt) the economy will positively respond, however, at some point in time adding 1.5–2 trillion in debt over 10 years will negatively impact the economy. Because Donny is the king of debt he has very little concern with national indebtedness because he just declared bankruptcy and weaseled out of his financial obligations but a country can’t just declare bankruptcy. I would think that as a masterful con man Donny would see trouble coming and cover his ass but then again his ego may be bigger than his ability to act as the con man that he is and flee.

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  1. Scrat

    Dad belly gamer
    – by kirsty harding, February 11 2020
    I am over the moon with the jumper I’ve ordered. Great size too. Shame that they smell from production but I am beyond happy with it and my partner loves it too.

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