Nicholas Wright Jonathan Jamieson the n.h.s. is only “LSU Tigers legends signature shirt” if everyone insists on adopting this stupid idea of trying to apply a commercial capitalist model to a trust scheme. The National Health Service is not and was never designed to be held up to capitalist corporate structures. Just to allow everyone access to basic healthcare at the point of when you go to a doctor for treatment. Nicholas Wright, By the way, I do agree with the general point they will say anything to get elected because they can literally say anything and even the manifesto has no legally binding element. It makes for lots of bad political actors. Ray Kemp Absolute rubbish. So they are going to buy out all the providers? What utter rubbish. I own a tech firm. Why would I subsidize broadband for everybody?

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The first thing he could do is get LSU Tigers legends signature shirt to my house. Now I would pay for that! Every service to your house requires repair and maintenance so it has to cost. I don’t believe a word they say. Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. What do they want? Full interconnectivity – they want people to be able to have free and fast access to their services. This is a way of doing that, and it’ll benefit everyone. Gareth John Whalley Ray Kemp they are talking about Google and Facebook paying not tinpot enterprises! And yes they would buy out all providers, or employ them, either way, they pay with public funds. None of this is complicated. Duncan Corps No need to buy out any other providers… I can imagine how there’s room for a public service ISP and commercial providers offering more… Like how NHS and Bupa can coexist. Maintenance and what not could be carried out in the same way that it is now.

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    Absolutely fab service. Will definitely use again.

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