Michelle Mchenry Graham Sprigg really? These tribes eat that ‘ cos there’s nothing else. LSU Tigers eyes purple shirt? They are not being paid for entertainment to eat this. Highly paid celebs to eat creatures or harm them in the process form filming for entertainment ( which incidental it is a BIG NOT) a significant difference don’t you think. Michelle Mchenry Gareth O’Neill it’s their culture? I think it’s because it’s available it’s a source of food and they don’t have an Aldi up the road nor a car parked in the trees that they can get in and go to to get groceries! Michelle Mchenry Dave Jenkins is that a real question? Maybe you should be humiliated in public while being eaten and see if you think it’s good entertainment. James Moore, It’s funny.

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LSU Tigers eyes purple shirt by insect-eating. Which is actually healthy and part of many cultures’ diets. Yet the same freaked out people will happily eat that modified shite from Maccies. What a time to be alive. Anna Millar Michelle Brown thank you.. yer it is totally out of order on the animals .. yet again animal exploitation and suffering for stupid humans… the rats, crocs, crabs, spiders, snakes, ostriches, etc don’t Wana be shoved in tiny cages with freaked out idiots screaming in their faces. it’s horrible. Jim Moore For what reason. Insects are a protein source and probably one we will all end up needing the way the environment is going. Before anyone says its cruel lets see if a mosquito ,flea,leech, and many others will stop feeding on humans . PC madness again.

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  1. Kate Charlotte

    Good quality t-shirt and logo looks fabulous. Very pleased

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